Concept 1 – Bristol Zoo Logo Design

Carrying on from our initial brainstorming ideas we decided that we needed to include an app therefore an app icon for the start-up was needed to be design, which my task to come up with ideas of. My initial thoughts of creating this icon was that it needs to represent the whole product as while as portraying Bristol Zoo as a whole. Firstly we were hoping to use the main logo as the design as that would fit our brief, but the design was over complicated and to hard to read as a small icon, so I went back to the scratch-board and thought that it needed to be kept simple, therefore I needed one image which could be seen clearly and can bee identified, the image that I decided on the end was a silhouette of a gorilla as the gorilla is one of the main attractions in Bristol Zoo and known for it in that case. Below is the final designs.


There are 2 designs because in the end me and the group couldn’t decide whether to risk having the initials of the zoo and make the icon more identifiable or leave it out and allow the design to look more professional. 



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