Independent Learning 1 – “media-independent techniques”

1) Name one further Technique?

I believe one further media-independent technique would be compatibility, as now with new media and converged products software is now needed to work on a range of platforms so therefore it must be compatible with a most or all of the operating systems. An example of this would Microsoft office has to be compatible with many operating systems like Windows, IOS etc. 

2) Describe at least 3 instances of where these techniques are used/occur.

An instance of “searchablitily” could be where hash tags/ tags are used through social networking and blogs, allowing users to search content that would be linked to that topic or hash tag/ tags, for example this blog post has the tag of technology-convergence allowing it to be searched under that term.

A second instance of these techniques can be the scroll bar, when trying to find something on the internet you usually find yourself of going through the process of scrolling down the page looking for the item that you want, there are different way of using the scroll like clicking and dragging the bar, or using the arrow keys – up and down to control, but either way you are still going through the same process.

An instance for “linkability”, can be in most design and video editing software where you have some sort of layers for each of your elements, then you link these layers together to make bigger pieces of the product and then finally linking all of the layers creating the final product.


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