Nicolas Bourriaud talks about the idea of post production in his book. Post Production Culture as Screenplay: How Art Reprograms the World he describes this term as the forms of cultural art is not original any more, they are the processed, copy, remake or redesign of previous models. He says the digital age is the adaptation of previous times. an example of this could be covers of songs where an music artist sings another artist  in their own interpretation. Another example is a parodying heavily seen on YouTube and other video hosting websites,  This is where a person remakes a video usually exploiting the mistakes of the original video.

Bourriand and David Carson’s ideas of ‘Semionaut’ do fit together as they both analyse the idea as the relationship between the emotion and design, how slight changes in the design can have huge effects of the emotional message portrayed from the object changed. An example that David Carson made was the two garages which were painted exactly the same but the writing of ‘No Parking’  both saying the same message but giving two completely different emotional messages.

An example of post production would be the film Godzilla as this film has been remade may times but each time the story has been changed in the way the producer feels will excite the audience of that time. The outline of the film where a massive monster attacks in america has been copied but how the story pans out has been interpreted, which links to the idea of post production


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