On Tuesday, we had a whole day where we worked with our whole group to design the logo for the channel project. Post the production of the logos we had to decide what type of logo we were aiming for. So decided that we wanted the name of the company  “Nano” in it and a simple and slick design. We decided that each person should created their own logo then in the end we will compare all of them and see which we liked the best.

Instead of going straight into the design of the logo I first searched up nano and nano technology to see if there was going to be any influences to my logo, then I sketched out some simple designs to see if the ideas in my head would have any design aesthetic and once I went through this process I went onto the digital design phase.

Image                 Image

This was my first idea I went for a neon metal look having the clean and simple font design with the texture and glow I thought linked well to the des-fi genre and the connotations of nano and des-fi is metals and neon glows as you see in many films the future is portrayed as this metal planet lit up with these strips of light.


The second logo I designed went for a sharp cutting edge felling. Where it featured the name of the company and a symbol which would represent the company.


This is the logo that everyone decided on, One of my team design members designed this logo, it fitted with the idea what we were trying to portray simple, clean has the name in it and has a generally nice aesthetic.


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