The channel project is a group task were in small teams we have to create a web channel which have to include episodes of video content the general theme that we have to brand our content around is Des-Fi which is the future of design. We deciding to go in the direction of gaming where our game would be based in the future and a massacre has occurred due to a patient escaping from nano technology testing facility. We decided the name of the game would be Nano linking directly to the name of the company in the game.

We decided the video content would be a video diary of Patient 268, the story behind how he got into the testing of nano technology and the build up to when he escapes and causes the infection that has to spread and cause a massacre in the city which is the start of the game. So overall the episodes is the chronological build up of before the game, the why, of what caused the tragedy in the game.

We also discussed ideas about the website which would be the Nano’s site the scientific company featured in the game and it would include all of the information about patient 268, the videos and other details about this character and there will seem to be other pages but will show up with restricted staff view only.


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