Alphabet Photography – Evaluation

I found this mini project way more enjoyable in comparison to the first project, the reason for this is that I just like taking high quality pictures without the task being there and having the project there allowed me to explore the art of photography further. I would of like to have got a picture for every single letter in the alphabet but as I said in the previous post I struggled to find letters, but maybe I just needed to spend more time travelling around different areas to find the Letter forms.

Overall I am happy with my final product I achieved what I set out to do I managed to get all of the letters that were in my name and was able to portray the themes I intended, for example the repetition theme was used in the two l’s in my name and there are also two e’s in my name which shows the repetition. And finally the theme of natural forms vs manufactured forms was shown as I had a variety of both natural and manufactured objects. An example of the comparison is shown below.


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