Alphabet Photography – The Analysis

Today I went down to the beach and into town to take photos for the photo alphabet project, before I took any photos I decided on some themes that I wanted to base my photos on, and the one that I decided on were Repetition and Naturalistic vs Manufactured. I wanted to exploit the fact that letters are repeated many times in words and I thought showing this through a highly visual product will allow for a big impact, I also used this to my advantage, as that I was repeating my letters I only needed to take one image of each letter which made it less time consuming. The second theme I thought made this task interesting as I wanted to have a comparison between my images, where some would be formed through nature and the others would form manufactured objects.

When going around taking the images even though I needed to take one image for each letter I still found it really hard to find each letter, it was the fact of always keeping your eye for something that could possibly look like a letter then analysing the object and seeing if shape clearly forms a letter, but in the end I managed to create my name and keep in the parameters of my theme I set out before, the final image is below:

Enviroment Name


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