Alphabet Photography – The Description

This week we got another mini project to do, and this time it is a photography project, I have to take picture of naturally occurring letters, and try and form my name with these letters. My first thought of this project was that it could be very interesting and enjoyable, as I like photography how there is such a quick turnover from composing your shot and setting up the camera putting it in focus to a few seconds after where you have a really detailed and beautiful image.

The idea of the alphabet I thought was very interesting as you would never think about looking for letters in my spare time, so what I took from the brief is that my lecturers wanted me to think about each photo, think about the object you’re looking at, does it look like a letter? Then compose your shot and take it, then after analyse the shot you have taken and think does this letter fit into the theme that I am trying to portray.


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