Blender – Brick Wall

After creating the neon text I had an idea that I should create a realistic street view, where it would include the neon text with a brick wall, a road, and a lamp-post and other items that would be consisted on a street. So I started creating a brick wall. Initially I went on my own steam and created a plane stood it up vertically and added a brick texture as you can see below, but there was allot of problems with doing this way and they were there was no depth to the bricks, the plane didn’t reflect light properly and the texture-image had a different light source to the neon text in blender and this made it unrealistic.



So to resolve, I found a tutorial to help me out with this problem. I found a really in-depth tutorial showing me how to make each individual brick i’m finding really hard to follow but have managed to get through the majority of it and from what I have created so far you can see a massive difference in the quality from what I did before.


Carrying on from this I am going to put a texture on the bricks fill out the spaces between them, work on the lighting and then put this finished product and the neon text together to see the start of the street.


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