Blender – Neon Text Effect

After learning the basics about blender I decided to develop something a little more complicated. So I decided that I wanted to create a glowing neon effect I followed a tutorial which showed me how to achieve this effect. To start off you have to input the text and edit it to make it look like a neon tube. After this I had to make a new material to give it a neon colour and then I had to change how the material emits light to allow the text to glow. After I made  the neon effect I had to animate it to make it look like there is a light turning on. The final product is below (the quality is quite low as it was render low so my laptop can handle it):

From this process I explored further in how you can edit text also I learned how to edit materials and I also started to learn some animation and how I could animate objects in blender. Maybe in the future I to develop this neon product is to make the texture glass for that extra realistic feel.


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