Blender – The Beginnings

This week I started learning Blender. Blender is a 3d manipulation tool, where you can edit and create images in a 3 dimensional space, you can also animate these objects and there are many other things you can do in blender, but to start off I had to learn how function this program and understand the basics.

To start off I was learning how to control the 3d space and add in the pre-set objects in to this space as well.  To move around a fixed position you have click down the mouse wheel and move around the mouse, to zoom in and you scroll the mouse-wheel and to move around a flat space you hold shift+mouse-wheel while moving the mouse around. There were many other shortcuts and keys that I learned as gradually went through the processes. Below is me simply adding objects the 3d space.


After this I learned how to input text and edit text, Even though it sounds like a simple task I found it quite difficult to manipulate the text as the interface of blender is very complicated, but eventually I learned how to extrude the text, change the material/Texture and change the font and font size. Also two other basic features I learnt in this time in this was how to control the position of the camera and control the position and quality of the light source, and with these simple basics makes a nice looking composition. My attempt at this is bellow:



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