Kinetic Type – Evaluation

To evaluate this project as a whole I really enjoyed the outcome, I felt the process was a bit tedious and dragged just having to repeat the same things over and over again, but positively from this I feel that I have significantly improved my skill to animate in After Effects and improved my knowledge of how the text is formatted and composed affects the scene. For example below there is two help’s one with a thin font and the other with a thick font, what this does is it puts emphasis on  the second help as if the person is shouting it louder then the first help.


Having experienced making a  piece of kinetic typography I feel I learned a sufficient amount so I made another product testing the skills I learnt. Below is my second piece of kinetic typography.

From this project I have learned how to use the basics of After Effects and how to animate text in time with sound. I feel in the future I could develop my knowledge in After Effects use more of the specialist tools to make my products look more professional effect and in general making the animations more smooth and perfectly in sync with the sound but this all comes with practice.


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