Kinetic Type – The Analysis

Before getting straight into the production of the kinetic type I wanted to gather some inspiration, so researched around the internet looking for different examples, there were many different forms of sound used in the examples I found but the ones that stuck in my head were:


From watching these example the most important elements in kinetic typography was the variety. Variety as there were many different movements and animations happening at different places of the screen, the use of different font families, font sizes and font styles and the variety of colour. At first I didn’t know why this variety made the kinetic type so effective, but then after re-watching them I realized that the movements and styling of the type expressed the denotation or a connotation of the word and this is something I wanted to implement into my work.

As I didn’t really know how to use After Effects I had to learn how to input, edit and animate text. So I found and followed some tutorials on how to make kinetic typography. The one that I found most useful is below:

The most significant aspect I learned from the tutorials is ‘key-frames’. Key-frames is a element of the program which allows you to animate the different parameters of an object. It works by placing your first key-frame somewhere on the timeline then you change a parameter of the object for example the scale and place the second key-frame somewhere after the initial key-frame and in the space/time between the two key-frames the object animates in this case the scale will animate.

After grasping the basic concepts from the tutorials I started experimenting, I felt this was the most useful way of learning, trough trail and error. Alternatively combining experimenting and tutorials worked really due to the fact that if I tried to do something and couldn’t do it I would research how to do it follow a tutorial and try that method. From all the experimenting and researching I made first attempt which is below:



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