Kinetic Type – The Description

Kinetic Typography was the fourth mini project that was given. Kinetic Typography as it says in the name is the movement (kinetic) of characters/words/sentences (typography). The brief involved me making a 15 second clip of this kinetic type to a selection of the Gravity (2014) trailer. I was given the sound clip for the trailer, the manuscript and Adobe After Effects which is a piece of post-production software, allowing you to input text, animate objects and move a superficial camera etc. Then I had to go away and arrange a piece of kinetic typography that would represent the emotions and movement that you would originally see in the actors expression.

My first thoughts of this task was that, it was very interesting and had seen some examples of kinetic typography before in music videos and I liked the way it highlights each word giving every single word its own visual meaning, so I was looking forward to delving into this project.


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