Alphabet Photography – Evaluation

I found this mini project way more enjoyable in comparison to the first project, the reason for this is that I just like taking high quality pictures without the task being there and having the project there allowed me to explore the art of photography further. I would of like to have got a picture for every single letter in the alphabet but as I said in the previous post I struggled to find letters, but maybe I just needed to spend more time travelling around different areas to find the Letter forms.

Overall I am happy with my final product I achieved what I set out to do I managed to get all of the letters that were in my name and was able to portray the themes I intended, for example the repetition theme was used in the two l’s in my name and there are also two e’s in my name which shows the repetition. And finally the theme of natural forms vs manufactured forms was shown as I had a variety of both natural and manufactured objects. An example of the comparison is shown below.


Alphabet Photography – The Analysis

Today I went down to the beach and into town to take photos for the photo alphabet project, before I took any photos I decided on some themes that I wanted to base my photos on, and the one that I decided on were Repetition and Naturalistic vs Manufactured. I wanted to exploit the fact that letters are repeated many times in words and I thought showing this through a highly visual product will allow for a big impact, I also used this to my advantage, as that I was repeating my letters I only needed to take one image of each letter which made it less time consuming. The second theme I thought made this task interesting as I wanted to have a comparison between my images, where some would be formed through nature and the others would form manufactured objects.

When going around taking the images even though I needed to take one image for each letter I still found it really hard to find each letter, it was the fact of always keeping your eye for something that could possibly look like a letter then analysing the object and seeing if shape clearly forms a letter, but in the end I managed to create my name and keep in the parameters of my theme I set out before, the final image is below:

Enviroment Name

Alphabet Photography – The Description

This week we got another mini project to do, and this time it is a photography project, I have to take picture of naturally occurring letters, and try and form my name with these letters. My first thought of this project was that it could be very interesting and enjoyable, as I like photography how there is such a quick turnover from composing your shot and setting up the camera putting it in focus to a few seconds after where you have a really detailed and beautiful image.

The idea of the alphabet I thought was very interesting as you would never think about looking for letters in my spare time, so what I took from the brief is that my lecturers wanted me to think about each photo, think about the object you’re looking at, does it look like a letter? Then compose your shot and take it, then after analyse the shot you have taken and think does this letter fit into the theme that I am trying to portray.

Animation Mini Project – Evaluation

The animation project overall was great in the aspect that I got to learn a new skill but in general I didn’t really enjoy the process of making the animation, I felt that it was way too time consuming and the final product didn’t justify the amount of time spent on creating the product, I know with practice the final product will become better, I just don’t feel determined to continue this type of animation in Flash but maybe there will other forms of animation the I will prefer that I can spend more time on learning.

Finally, I managed to create one more animation which concludes this project, as the last animation

Animation Mini Project – The Analysis

Today I started producing some animations, experiencing Adobe Flash properly for the first time was a very tedious experience as the animations that I started off with were separate drawings in each frame using the onion skin tool to help me keep the drawings similar but allow the movement to happen. To learn some of these techniques I just talked about I went through some simple tutorials to get a base understanding of Flash and how it works in relation to Animation, Below is one of the tutorials and this simply shows how to animate the movement of a circle and from these tutorial and experimenting I started to understand the layout of this program.

After researching I started to come up with some simple ideas that I thought wouldn’t be too complicated to animate. I decided that my animations would be themed around flat and limited colour palette style as it is a simple and flat style, this first idea for an animation that I produced was a music levels system where there is a set amount bars where each bar represents a different form of sound for example one would represent bass. This animation also fit into my theme as the animation used only a few colours and a flat design . As just an experimental piece of I thought creating these levels would be very easy but found out that I was still very time consuming and this was because each second is filled by 12 frames so to make anything substantial you have to fill out a big amount of frames. The finished level animation product is below:


Before I made a final product I decided to do another animation something a little bit more challenging this time I did a mini firework animation. I the process of making this animation I used a few more tools in flash like the motion tween. Even though I had already done an animation I didn’t really find making this animation any easier but I found the quality of the end product was slightly better. The use of different sized objects appearing at different times made it more visually appealing as you can see below.

Animation Mini Project -The Description

This week we was given a mini project where the task was to create small animations for our portfolio. For this task I had to the use Adobe Flash Pro, this piece of software allows you to create animations by utilizing the frame system, a frame in flash is miniscule section of the animation, therefore to create an animation you have to connect a series of images in these frames to make the final moving image/ animation.

First thoughts on the animation task is that I is a great way to delve into different types of digital production that I haven’t really experienced before, expanding my knowledge and repertoire of what I can do. At this stage of the project I didn’t really have any Ideas of what I wanted to do and didn’t really know where to start as I was new to this piece of software so, my next step is to go through some tutorials and start producing some ideas and small animations to practice.

Parallaxing Websites

Today I was going through some new ideas for my website and I found a interesting and cool theme which is built on JavaScript, and this is called parallaxing. The idea of parallaxing is that one part of the page scrolls faster then the other part of the page.

The type of parallaxing that I am particularly interested in is the background form and this is where when you are changing pages the page you are on scrolls slow and the next page you are moving to scrolls faster so it looks like its overlapping each other and creates and really contemporary looking website.

Below is some websites that use this teqnique:!/

And below is a video of someone explaining how the parallax works, the functions that run in the JavaScript and how it links the HTML and CSS